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 Mom and wife living with WOW addicts

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PostSubject: Mom and wife living with WOW addicts   Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:47 pm

My husband and my step-son are both addicted to World of Warcraft (WOW). I actually think it's worse in my 9-year-old step-son, Jay, who is homeschooled, and who takes every non-school opportunity to play the game. He talks about the game obsessively. His life revolves around it. We've tried to interest him in other activities, but my husband, who is also addicted to WOW, acts like it's no big deal that Jay spends so much time on the game. I think my husband is kind of proud that he and his son can enjoy something together like that.

On one hand, it is a nice bonding experience for them. On the other hand, Jay has asked to skip Cub Scouts to play the game; one night, he was so into the game, he said, "Maybe I'll just quit Scouts." He usually loves Scouts. He just wanted to stay home so he could play. The other night we were watching a family movie -- a really funny movie, that he seemed to be enjoying -- but less than halfway through, he was begging his dad to go upstairs and play the game. He was afraid he was going to miss out on the game, even though he'd already spent three or four hours playing in the afternoon. We cannot get through a meal without him bringing up the game. He'll stop eating and just talk about WOW. We have to remind him to take a bite.

My step-daughter and I, who both used to play the game, have pretty much quit, because we got tired of the addictive behavior around us. I like WOW, but I get tired of it, and I certainly don't like to spend hours and hours and hours on it. I have too many other things going on.

I don't know if it is unhealthy or not for my step-son, but when a child avoids every other activity, spending three, four, or five hours at a time on the game, skipping meals, acting uninterested in anything else, I think it is time to set some limits.

His dad disagrees. So....I find myself in a tough spot. My husband doesn't really believe in the 'addiction' problem.

Any thoughts? Do I just need to put my foot down and make some rules?

I am thinking that I need to get a little stricter about school, so that he has too many other activities keeping him busy and away from the game -- but at the moment, I can find NOTHING else that engages him so deeply.


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PostSubject: Re: Mom and wife living with WOW addicts   Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:07 pm

thanks for the article........

thank you?? bounce
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PostSubject: I'm truly sorry for the predicament you're in...   Sat May 21, 2011 9:00 am

I have struggled with an addiction to WoW for years before I finally over came the struggle. The toughest part your husband and child face is the thought of well if I wasn't playing this game and having fun, I would just be sitting around being bored with nothing else to do. The hardest part for you is not wanting to look like the enemy when you try to limit the # of hours they can play WoW. Again, even if you have things they can do around the house in the back of their mind they will be thinking about how they could be leveling their toons, getting better gear, etc. So to truly break the whole addiction is a long and difficult road and unless they get burnt out on the game or blizzard quits making expansions/addons for it, it will never get much easier....sorry
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PostSubject: Re: Mom and wife living with WOW addicts   

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Mom and wife living with WOW addicts
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