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 Need to get the claws of uncharted 2 out of my son !!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Need to get the claws of uncharted 2 out of my son !!!!!!!   Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:05 am

Need to get the claws of Uncharted 2 out of my son.....
My son is l7years old with tendencies of Asperger's .... Because of his asperger's he has always found forming relationships with anyone difficult and has always been completely absorbed by one thing or another but this is Very different.
He has been playing Uncharted 2 for 6 months he has lost complete touch with reality, no school, no work, not washing, not eating, not sleeping. When he plugs himself in he is someone 8th in the world, people are writing videos about his "acheivements", which locks him in even more. He is beyond reason.
He protects the game with aggression and violence.

I live in rural France, because my son doesn't need to see reality he will not go to the doctors. The Doctor advised I get him sectioned which involves the marie of the village, the police and having him forced into hospital......................He is not mental or mad, this game has pulled him in and has fulfilled every missing emotion that he had in the real world.

I have searched to try and find someone that understands to come and talk to him but can't seem to find anyone.

Im in despair should I let them take my son to hospital I can't see him in this state anymore...........
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PostSubject: Re: Need to get the claws of uncharted 2 out of my son !!!!!!!   Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:48 pm

Hi. My name is Simon and I work with all sorts of addiction from drugs to gaming.

Firstly, your son is not suffering from a mental health issue simply as a result of his gaming addiction. It is his way of being popular and worthy if he feels this is not possible in his normal life. The virtual life becomes more appealing than real life.

Addiction to anything is generally just an 'escape from reality'. I'm not saying it is not hard to beat but it certainly doesn't need your son to be sanctioned and put in a hospital. This will not deal with the addiction but simply stop the problem in the short term. What he needs is addiction treatment at a specialist centre. I believe there is one in The States and a new one opening in Asia.
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Need to get the claws of uncharted 2 out of my son !!!!!!!
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