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 Introducing myself ...

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Introducing myself ... Empty
PostSubject: Introducing myself ...   Introducing myself ... Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 8:28 pm

It seems as though this forum isn't as active as I'd have liked it to be but I'm going to take the plunge and introduce myself anyway. I'm a 22 year old female from the UK and I'm a self-confessed internet addict. I have had issues with internet addiction for around 5 years now and recently had cognitive behaviour therapy with the hope that I would start to see some improvement in my behaviour. Unfortunately after 6 sessions of CBT over a 9 week period I only managed to make very minor changes and now I've been given a 3 month break before I have a review session. I've learnt that my internet addiction is as a result of impulsivity as well as depression. I feel that it's finally time to come face-to-face with overcoming my addiction however I feel that I can't do this entirely by myself so some online social support from people who are going through the same would give me a huge boost. I look forward to chatting to you soon.
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Introducing myself ...
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